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Thu, Jan. 3rd, 2008, 04:22 pm
Iowa predictions, and another Ron Paul video

So Iowa caucuses tonight. Here are my predictions I feel mildly comfortable with:

Joe Biden will place 4th.

Here is what I hope will happen that stands a fair chance of happening:

Dems: Obama then Edwards then Clinton then Biden then Richardson then Kucinich then Dodd. The top three will be not THAT far apart. But as long as Clinton doesn't win, I'll be busting out the leftover bottle of champagne I never got around to drinking on New Years. (Though, if we end up shunted into a parallell universe where Richardson wins, I think I will stick to the hard liquor and despair.)

Republicans: Romney over Huck in a squeaker. Thompson third. Ron Paul surprise fourth (or third, that would rock). Then McCain. (Republicans freaking hate McCain.)

Here is a Ron Paul video that cracked me up: Ron Paul Tell 'em.